Debate Set?

Welch agrees to a debate, but will he back out again?

Apparently David Welch has agreed to debate Cristan Williams!

Williams called David and personally challenged him to a public debate. Initially he agrees, but then immediately begins to backpedal by claiming that “things” need to be reviewed by his “executive committee.” Knowing that Welch might try to back out of another debate, Williams recorded his agreement and posted it on YouTube to ensure that his actual agreement was accessible to the public. “I want transparency in all aspects of this debate: If he agrees to something, I want it documented; if he breaks a promise, I want it documented, and; if he backs out of the debate with lame excuses, I want it documented.”

Welch is infamous by espousing hate in an effort to characterize the entire GLBT community as “Purveyors of Perversion” bent on destroying churches and American values. “I want to debate these concepts. I want to drag his vitriol – kicking and screaming – into the light so that it is exposed as being nothing more than the inane, obtuse and stereotyped braying of a mind twisted by fear and hate.” said Williams.

Here’s the video in which Welch initially agrees to debate Williams and then begins to backpedal. Notice the long pauses when Williams asks Welch a question:

Ducking Debates

Williams Calls Out Welch on Live Radio

The night Cristan Williams was scheduled to debate David Welch, he backed out of it. Williams took to the airwaves to challenge Welch’s actions:

Ducking Debates

David Welch Wants This Man Hanging Out in the Women’s Restroom

Transgender Man: Loren Cameron was born female and transitioned to male. Welch wants the State of Texas to force this man into the women's restroom.

David Welch, the Executive Director of a Houston-based hate group that calls itself the “Houston Area Pastoral Council” is an extreme right-wing fundamentalist. He’s also Founding Executive Director of Christian Coalition of Washington, the National Field Director of Christian Coalition, the Executive Director of Vision America and more importantly, Welch won’t debate Cristan Williams again.

Welch was scheduled to debate Cristan Williams for the second time live on FOX News, but backed out at the last moment. Welch has a long history of making declarations about the civil rights of transgender people but is now seemingly afraid of debating those very ideas.

Welch is currently demanding that the State of Texas force transgender people to use a restroom consistent to their defined sex at birth. If Welch had his way bulky, bald and bearded men will soon be greeting your little girl the next time she goes to the women’s restroom.

By all accounts, Cristan Williams “moped the floor” with Welch the last time he dared to debate her. “He just doesn’t want to look like an idiot again. I can understand that… But, he could have been a man about it. Instead of getting FOX to get him out of the debate, he should have just sent me an email telling me that he was too afraid to face me on live television.”  Williams went on to state that she is willing to debate Welch anytime or anywhere he likes. “I’ve tried calling to let him know that the offer stands, but he hasn’t yet returned my phone calls.”